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Welcome to the
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Fuel Management

Fuel and its usage represent a considerable overhead to any commercial transport organisation. The correct management of this valuable asset is critical to profitability, even a small percentage saving can make a significant difference.

It is vital that transport operators have the correct tools to enable the necessary cost savings to be made. FUELTEK design, develop, manufacture, install and service a range of fuel management systems, fuel dispensers, fuel storage tanks, fuel tank contents monitoring systems and other ancillaries to help you achieve this objective.

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Fueltek are the premier fuel management company in South Africa. Many businesses spend large amounts of money on fuel and, by using professional systems, you and your business can increase overall efficiencies and save money. Savings are identified by an improvement in management information leading to better decision making and a general improvement in the overall performance of vehicles. We at Fueltek are specialists in commercial vehicle refueling and have many years of experience in the area of fuel management systems.

We at Fueltek have the tradition and reputation of designing and developing high quality systems that have helped countless businesses to achieve real identifiable cost savings. To complement our range of fuel management systems, we also developed various other Interfaces to our systems, such as Tank Contents Monitoring and Management.

All fuel management systems that Fueltek build are designed to the highest standard with the objective of being able to continually operate in harsh environments. As industry leaders, our methods are modern and use relevant technology, fuel management systems will help you to cut costs and achieve better value from your fuel stocks.

In addition to our fuel management systems, Fueltek also supply a range of fuel storage tanks, diesel fuel pumps and fuel dispensing equipment. Call us today on 082-327-7833 to find out more information on our products and services.